The hacker typing style is very obvious, no hackers touch-type they use any collection of their fingers, from just the index fingers to all ten flying about the board, changing location and usage for different circumstances, for instance if a word like 'pink' or 'oil' occurs, the hacker will normally move both hands to the right end of the keyboard for maximum finger use possible. To type 'pink', they would type with both hands likely hitting 'p', 'i', and 'k' or 'p' and 'k' with the right hand and use the left hand for the other letter(s). Mattering on the size of the keyboard, this sometimes causes and sometimes saves hackers from carpal tunnel syndrome.

I like to test people that claim to be excellent programmers by having them type in a simple program, if they are a school-taught geek, they will touch-type, if not, they will type like a hacker. Hackers are better programmers overall, but tend to have weird code styles.

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