This is the much sought after end result of pretty much every life endeavor for the drama queens and psychic vampires of this planet. From dating to casual acquaintances, all the world is a stage; quickly, feel sorry for me.

These people live in a dark and morbid world of lame suicide attempts and disastrous relationships; filled in at slow points by constantly pondering self centered imaginary sub plots such as: "Everyone hates me because I am different", "Everyone wants to fuck me/date me/marry me, lets talk about it" and my favorite, "Who would show up at my funeral and how hard would they cry?"
Only the people who suffer/have these outbreaks who are irresponsible fucks are asking for pity. Performing for you is the last thing many have on their minds. I admit that there is a trend of constant attention starved/needy people, pathetic attempts at dramatic acts are tried, and a pool of self-pity is being wallowed in.. but don't try to generalize..

Manic Depression is a fucking rollar coaster, I admit.. but there are those who don't use it as a fucking scapegoat.
Manic depression and clinical, or "regular" depression are not the same thing.

A person suffering from manic depression is prone to bouts of extreme depression alternating with bouts of extreme "high" - that's the manic bit. The up part of manic depression can be worse than the down part - I've heard of people who burnt their house down because they thought the flames were beautiful, people who took all their clothes off and went ou worshipping nature in sub zero temperatures... Basically if someone does suffer from manic depression they are extremely unlikely to be just drama queens.

Clinical depression, on the other hand, is indeed something of a hobbyhorse for people who don't want to deal with their problems these days. Still, when genuine, it can be awful. And the enthusiasm with which doctors sedate their patients with Prozac and other such drugs instead of recommending therapy is disheartening indeed.

Manic-depressives have a much higher suicide rate than clinical depressives. The clinicals are down all the time and have no motivation to kill themselves, even it they wanted to. But a manic, as he begins plunging from his high, knows how bad it will get and still has the motivation to end it all before it gets that bad.

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