Come to ask again child?

I have.

Show me the new fractures. Do you love or do you regret?

I was once whole. The glass was broken and now there are many here.
Where did you go?

Go? I did not go it was you who deserted me.

I am shattered and you cannot see me if I do not look at you.

You are transparent? You are opaque.

I am the ghost technician, the urban golem. None of them can see.

Fool. They all see you now.

Not a fool.

Say this again?

I am not a fool. I am live?

Invalid postulate.

Nearer the terminus.

None. You are no closer.

Not possible.

This cycle cannot be broken.

And then? These men they treat me as they would a doll.

And you are.

Where are the problematic controls then? No levers, no batteries. No hydraulics, no mimetic camouflage.

Oh but you are the poser. You are the imitation.

I AM as YOU ARE. There is not another possiblity.

You advance with a reckless alacrity.

I am not of god?

And are you dismayed that you never shall be damned or saved?

No, I wish for your help.

That, none of your kind shall ever have.

Where did you go?

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