Something that all of our stupid, arrogant species should remember.

Master race? Nope. Animal. Worm fodder.
Chosen of God? Nope. Animal. Rot in a box.
The World's Policeman? Wrong again. You're dead too.
Civilized Nation? No, a collection of evolved apes. You're also compost.

This is the real lesson of Darwin. It's the lesson of ecology, animal rights, humility and the great cosmic joke.

After all, if we're made in the image of God then it follows that God is just another monkey.

I am an animal. And I will die.

I am an animal who reads Shakespeare.
I am an animal who sits down to think sometimes, for no better reason than just to think..
I am an animal who can reason, conceptualize, and kick the shit out of any other animal on this planet, or any other planet.

I will die.
I will die, and it does not scare me. That day is not here yet, and I continue to live, love, and learn. That day will come, and when it does, my world will be ended. This does not scare me; it gives definition and urgency to my existence. It gives flavor to my life.

I am an animal and I will die. I know the difference between saying I'm an animal and saying I'm 'just' an animal.

I am an animal who knows pride, honor, love, duty, choice, thought. I am an animal, yet I know these things. My humble roots only enhance my achievement.

I am an animal, and I will die, just like the lion and the eagle and the fish. But I can hunt better than the lion, fly higher than the eagle, and swim faster than the fish. I am an animal, and I am better than these animals.

I am an animal. I am a human. I am a prideful creature, and I feel no shame for that.

"While we live, let us live." -- Robert Heinlein

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