Probably the scariest way possible to look at life. Give me Heaven and Hell, give me reincarnation, give me eternity as a ghost. Give me anything. Just not Nothing!

Final proof? Easy! In mathematics we have a simple property that says a = a: the reflexive property. Logically, you can expand this out so it applies to anything.

"I am not myself" is clearly wrong if "I" and "myself" are the same, just as "dead" cannot not be "dead."

The primary essential property of "Dead" (or anything) is that it is itself. Dead is Dead.

This is similar to the definition that statements are true or false (excluding paradoxes). They cannot be true and false, nor can the be neither true or false.

Dead is dead. The question is "is it all dead, or is only the material part dead while the mind/spirit lives on?" This one is harder to prove. I willn't try here.

Dead is dead, and nothing but. This is the simplest possible assumption, and so in the absence of any evidence from beyond the grave of life after death it is most likely to be correct.

To say that this can't be so because you don't want it to be so (maybe because it scares you or something) is to assume that wanting it to be so in itself makes it so. Sorry. Learn to live with the immeasurably vast indifference of the universe to your hopes, fears and desires.

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