( though theoretical )
it seems so simple, removes complexity like her face
reminds me, imagine,
it feels like
a warm sunset or peach
or smells like that

mom used to put my clothes
on the heater for a minute or so
after i got out of the shower
i felt warmth like (in second grade)

she gives me now,

though ten years later

we still want (him and i)
to close our eyes
and fall down
without fear

that feeling you get when you sleep
plus assurance of love
and warmth

like i close my eyes
and rest my head against her,
and melt into her, soaking her
threads with (what ever)
wrap my arms around her and dream of her eyes
wrapping around my
heart or soul or

just the color of them
or texture
well she smiles or
no matter, we kiss,

and again i close my eyes
falling into her trap or
grip or emotions,
we sleep

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