So about two or three years ago, we went camping in the Keys. It was fun.

On the drive back, I was struck with inspiration and decided to write a bunch of haiku about what I did on my vacation. I make no claims about their quality, but here they are:


Setting up the tent.

In the rain. Strangely, it's fun!

Tomorrow, Key West!


The bait shop lady:

She really does talk too much.

But, man, is she nice!


She threw in free bait!

A quartet of ballyhoo!

Now, how cool is that?


Mangrove swamps. Oy vey.

Deceptively solid, and they

eat my fish hooks.


It's hard to sleep

when the wind makes the tent go

"Whomp! Whomp! WHOMP!" all night.


(Where are my swim trunks?

Seriously, what the hell?

Didn't I pack them?)


Here we go to swim.

Snorkelling at Looee Key.

I feel so alive!


The reef below me,

teeming with fish and coral,

is beauty defined.


Did you see that fish?

At least a hundred snappers

dance around us all.


Curse my buoyancy!

I must dive, explore deeper!

Oh, well. I guess not.


My gods...That grouper...

That's the biggest fish I've seen

in my entire life.


(No rhyme for "seagull."

None for "tarpon," nor "mangrove"

Hooray for haiku!)


This is very strange:

Being a tourist, that which

I despise at work.


(I'm still on this bridge.

U.S. 1. The 7-Mile Bridge.

Bucks like a mad bull.)


Turtle Kraals. I'm...It's...This...

Wow. Just wow. I'm left speechelss.

This food is awesome.


When I say "awesome,"

I mean that literally.

Conch is to die for!


At long last, we go.

I bid farewell to the Keys.

I wish I could stay.

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