Yamaha's top-of-the-line musical workstation, like the Roland Fantom an answer to the Korg Triton. Comes in three sizes (prices as of May 2002):

  • MOTIF6 with 61 keys (ca. 2200 euros)
  • MOTIF7 with 76 keys (2600 euros)
  • MOTIF8 with 88 hammer-action keys (3000 euros)

The 84-mebibyte wave memory offers 640 patches, which beats the Triton hands down. Physical modeling synthesis, virtual analog synthesis and FM synthesis à la DX7 are available as expansion boards. The MOTIF is an extremely powerful tone generator.

On the other hand, it's got less controllers than the Triton (no joystick, no ribbon), the display is smaller and not touch-sensitive, and the interface can be daunting. Sequencing and sampling capabilities are OK, though.

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