Great music. a punk-geek dude singing humorous and strange lyrics.
"What do you do with your 1500 lbs? You play goalie. Most goalies are quick, react at the drop of a hat, but I don't need to be quick when I got so much fat."

I now regret not buying more merchandise at the show I saw.
Shirts for sale: front: "Stick your foot up your fucking ass"
                 back: "Use the metric system"

The album I have is A Society of People Named Elihu.
This CD is $6 usa, $7 can/mex, $8 world postpaid, from the address below.
Mountain/Suzuki Beane
PO Box 220320, Greenpoint P.O.
Brooklyn, NY 11222-9997 usa

Atom's music sounds like 80s music because he borrows heavily from it.

On A Society of People Named Elihu, snippets can be heard of

The theme from Beverly Hills Cop ("Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer) is cleverly inserted in a cover of Nutrition by The Dead Milkmen on Making Love.

Atom covers Madonna's Open Your Heart in its entirety on Redefining Music, and if that isn't 80s music, I don't know what is.

Time to do some housecleaning, say I... so...

Atom and His Package, as stated in the writeups above, is a one man geek punk rock band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Heading up the band is singer/songwriter/everythingman Adam Goren. Immediately after recieving his degree in neuroscience, he ditched it and went headlong into the Philly music scene. He plays around 200 shows a year, not counting the bat mitzvahs. The only equipment Atom uses are a Yamaha QY70 synthesizer and his trusty electric guitar.

*Self-titled CD, released March 1997, No Idea Records/Bloodlink Records
*A Society of People named Elihu, released October 1997, No Idea Records/Mountain Records
*Making Love, released June 1999, No Idea Records. A compilation of Atom's EPs to date of release, a few B sides, and others.
**Redefining Music, released April 2001, Hopeless Records.
***Hamburgers CD/EP, released June 2002, File-13 Records.

Gun Court Singles Series, released May 1998, out of print.
Behold, I Shall Do A New Thing, released April 1998, Vital Music.
Self titled EP, December 1998, 208 Records, out of print.
"Shopping Spree", split record with Har Mar Superstar, February 2001, Sub City Records.

* Available for $7-12 (inside US) from:
No Idea Records
P.O. Box 14636
Gainesville, FL

** Available for US$10 (CD), US$7 (LP) (inside the US, US$12.50 and $8.75 respectively outside the US) from:
Hopeless Records
P.O. Box 7495
Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495 U.S.A.

*** Available from Atom's own label, File-13, for US$7 inside the US, $8 for Canadians, and $9 everywhere else, from this address:
File-13 Records
P.O. Box 2302
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Lyrics, liner notes from the last two CDs coming soon!

sources:, NPR's Artist Profile of him

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