Yamaha's "modern rock bass guitar", the RBX270 is a follow-up product to it's earlier predecessor, the Yamaha RBX260, with specific improvements over this popular line of 4-string basses.

Among the improvements and standard features are additional (P-Style) pickups, black headstock, side mount input jack, new finishes (black, natural, metallic, red, mist green, mist purple, mist raspberry), chrome hardware, and the familiar limited lifetime warranty.

With a solid alder body, (24 fretted) maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard, the RBX270 is both durable, lightweight, and stylish. All of this is as part of the very modern rock body shape and sound, at a very affordable price appropriate for any bass player of any skill.

Also available from Yamaha are variations of the RBX270, including the fretless Yamaha RBX270F, and the Yamaha RBX270L for the left-handed bass player.

Source: Yamaha Corporation of America, RBX270,
  http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/ContentDetail/ModelSeriesDetail/0,6373,CNTID%253D2224%2526CTID _
    %253D224400%2526CNTYP%253D  PRODUCT%2526VNM%253DLIVE%2526AFLG%253DY,00.html

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