Worlds Apart is also the name of a 40 minute sci-fi machinima film created by what used to be called Team Frame and is now called UnFramed Productions. It centred around two major characters testing a hyperdrive which could take their spacecraft far beyond where humanity had travelled before. Unfortunately, it went too far, draining the ship's power, leaving them no way to get home and no other option than landing on planets to try and find enough power to get them to the next one towards home. It was originally intended to be created into a series (which has never been done before in a machinima format.

It was made using Quake 2 a computer game popular with machinima creators simply because of it's support, like programs such as keygrip 2.
Winner, XYZZY Awards - 1999, Best Story

Worlds Apart is a text adventure written by Suzanne Britton in the late 90's. It's part of the ever-growing set of post-commercial interactive fiction made by online hobbyists. It's also a prime example of the storytelling that's possible within IF. Worlds Apart is a well-written sci-fi novel in adventure game form. You begin the game on an unfamiliar shore with no knowledge of yourself or the world around you. Who are you? What's going on? When these basic questions are answered, most of the action is driven by interacting with the people and creatures in the world. Story inevitably leaks into your every move. If IF interests you at all, I highly recommend it.

More information as well as downloads for the game can be found at the author's homepage:

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