KeyGrip 2 is a piece of software which is used with the computer game Quake 2 to edit .dm2 files in such a way as to create a movie using the game engine. This is called 'Machinima'.

Features of KeyGrip 2 include the ability to edit everything after recording the .dm2. This includes placing and moving cameras, adding sound effects and voices. Fading in and out, changing the fov, and generally cleaning up the .dm2 so that it looks like a proper movie.

Keygrip 2 saves an uncompressed version of the .dm2 file in it's own format, .kg2, however these cannot be run by Quake 2 and must be converted back to .dm2 by Keyrgip 2 before running.

KeyGrip 2 can be downloaded from the following URL:

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