Flip, the Bird is the sketchy little bird drawing that appears from time to time in the margins of Mad Magazine. He, like the Mad Zeppelin, Alfred E. Neuman, Arnold the house plant, and various silly words (putz, schmuck, Max Korn), is sort of an irrelevant running inside joke for readers.

Though he has appeared in the publication for many years, he has not had a name for most of its run. Sometime in the late 80's (or was it the early 90's?), readers were asked to come up with a name for this mysterious creature. From the many suggestions ("Melvin" is one that comes to mind, another name Mad likes to throw around), Flip, the Bird is the one that stuck.

Flip, the bird. Get it?

And with this writeup, my XP count comes to 666 at the same time my writeup count has reached 69. Not that I'm noding for numbers, it's just an interesting fact.

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