Workum is one of the eleven Frisian cities, having earned its city rights in 1399. Its main characteristic is a long street that used to be a waterway called Wymerts. Although Workum is not on the coast, it fully enjoyed see trade in the 17th and 18th century. This was possible through a large canal called It Soal.

The Merk is the traditional trade centre of Workum (merk is Frisian for market). The Merk is an example of a well thought over public construction, with specially asigned locations for the city hall, the weigh house and the buildings of the historical secular and religious powers.

Most famous Workumer is artist Jopie Huisman. This former ragman taught himself to paint and choose his own rags as subject for his works of art. Many admire his ability to depict the common as well as poverty in a very detailed style. Workum has its own Jopie Huisman Museum, where you can see his paintings but also his ragged underpants and shoes.

Visit Workum at and the Jopie Huisman Museum at

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