I have noticed the oddest thing about some women. I do not recall the last time I hear a woman utter the words "I like my breasts the way they are".

My girlfriend, the lamb that she is, has rather large breasts. She is 5 feet tall, weighs about 115lbs and has D cup breasts. She is also quite the timid little thing and is currently working on things like "Saying no 102" and "Don't let people step on me 101". Being that she has no ego to speak of, her breasts are sometimes a horrible source of discomfort for her as she disliks the attention that they draw to her. She wants rid of them often. They are boobs to die for, I assure you.

Then I have known and dated many a woman who wanted larger breasts. Then it suddenly hit me. With a very narrow margin for exception, every woman I have ever know has hated her breasts for one reason or another.

Well christ on a pogo stick!
Give them to me!
What you all seem to have overlooked is this:

The woman's breast is a sensitive part of her body. Yes, she wants it to be beautiful, but due to social influences and other such environmental factors, the breast is considered a personal area. To illustrate this, I'll use this point:

If I compliment a woman's face, eyes, hair, legs, belly etc, she will appreciate it. If I compliment her breasts she'll give me a slap.

To me, this is social conditioning, or maybe just over generalization, but it doesn't seem right to me.

Why is it wrong to compliment a woman's breasts?

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