This 6'2" actor was born March 20, 1950 in Washington, DC, William Hurt is the stepson of Henry R. Luce, the founder of TIME. His father was a US diplomat, and his parents were divorced in Guam in 1956. He attended Tufts University (Medford, MA), graduating in 1972, with a degree in theology, which he complemented by studying drama at Juilliard, although he never graduated. His stage debut was in Henry V at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 1977, and his film debut was as a scientist in Altered States, in 1980.

Personal Life: In 1971, he married Mary Beth Hurt, although they divorced in 1981. From then until 1984, he lived with ballerina Sandra Jennings, with whom he had 1 son. In 1989, he married Heidi Henderson (daughter of Skitch Henderson); they had 2 sons across their three year marriage. Since 1992, he has been living with Sandrine Bonnaire.

Viewed by many as a sex symbol, here are some quotes:

He's hot, I'd totally do him -disgruntledwren


Hurray for the IMDB!

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