The Hotchkiss School is a independent boarding school in Lakeville, Connecticut. It is coeducational, 9-12 (or, preps, lower mids, upper mids, and seniors) and was founded on Maria Harrison Bissell Hotchkiss' money. Maria Hotchkiss was married to a man whose family became wealthy making guns. He then went off to have an open affair with a woman in Europe (who thought he was divorced), leaving her in CT. Maria Hotchkiss meant for the school to help educate local boys for their lives as farmers and other hardworking men, but the board, led by Yale president Timothy Dwight steered it more in the prep school direction. The first classes were held on October 16, 1892 with 54 boys and six masters. Hotchkiss went coed in 1974, and today has 542 (244 girls/298 boys) students and over 100 faculty.

The school motto is "Moniti Meliora Sequamur," which is from the Aeneid by Virgil and which means "after instruction, let us move on to pursue higher things." The school seal is Athena, and the mascot is Bucky the Bearcat. The words "arete" and "logos" are written on the front of the Main Building.

Hotchkiss' buildings include: The Main Building, The Science Building, the Athletic Complex (they're building a new one), and ten dorms: lower-class girls: Bissell, Buehler; upper-class girls: Garland, Watson, Wieler; lower-class boys: Coy, Tinker; upper-class boys: Dana, Memorial (Memo), Van Santvoord (VS).

Hotchkiss's headmasters:

  • Edward G. Coy 1892-1904
  • Huber G. Buehler 1904-1924
  • Walter H. Buell 1924-1926
  • George Van Santwoord '08 1926-1955
  • Thomas H. Chappell '24 1955-1960
  • A. William Olsen Jr. '39 1960-1981
  • Timothy C. Callard 1981-1983
  • Arthur W. White 1983-1989
  • Robert A. Oden Jr. 1989-1995
  • John R. Chandler Jr. '53 1995-1996
  • Robert H. Mattoon Jr. 1996-
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