I hadn't had my car long, and this was the first time I'd driven up to my parents. On Boxing Day it was -5c, and so, as I was driving down to Belfast I felt it best to drive slowly.

So as I was driving along the motorway at a steady 40 mph I travelled round the starting curve of the M2 at Ballymena.

The sun shone down, ice glittered on the round and the radio was playing.

Then in the corner of my eye, I see a large car sliding towards me from the outside line. My only option was to move towards the hard shoulder and hope the car didn't hit me. It did, bumping me off the road, onto a patch of ice on the hard shoulder. My car kept going left, down a 10 foot ditch, and rolled 7 times, ending upside down, radio still on.

My first thought was "Get out of the car", followed by "where are my glasses". Oh well, get out, and get out quickly.

I reach down, and pop my seatbelt.

I forgot, I was upside down. Falling on my head hurt. So the only injury I got was self inflicted :)

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