Highschool bores me, and I decided to take a job at the local movie museum. So I was cleaning one of the old exhibits, and I decide to watch it. I figure I should see what it is exactly that makes people want to come to such an old damp place. I read the plaque under the exhibit, and pressed the button on the projector.

They use to show this film you see, where a train moves along the track, getting closer and closer to the camera. Film was a new thing back then, and people would scramble away from the screen, thinking they were going to be hit by a train. Being a sensible, modern teenager, I wasn't scared and sat in my seat as the train hit the camera.

I should've been smarter. The train hit me. My memory of the event is rather blurred, and I'm not sure if I was teleported into the film and hit by the train, or if the train was teleported out of the film and telefragged me. My guess is the latter.

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