I travel 20 minutes to work each day, and for the past week have noticed a strange setup by the LTSA. There has obviously been an accident on the motorway, and a crash barrier, which is made up of multiple vertical poles and struts with twisted high-tension wire, has about 6 of the poles missing. The wire has done its job of stopping the vehicle crossing the middle and going head-first into the two lanes of oncoming cars. The wire is now loosely draping on the ground where there are no poles holding it up, but further on is fine, as it is all still intact.

As, what I assume to be, a safety measure, the local transport authority has placed orange cones along the broken length of barrier. I take this to mean that if my car goes careening out of control towards the barrier, then I should do everything in my power to head towards the barrier where there are no orange cones? Is this their intention?

Give it up for intelligence of the Land Transport Safety Authority for assuming a car out of control can be aimed to crash exactly where the driver intends.

Bumper Sticker: This driver can Crash on a Dime!

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