What happened?

Good question...maybe you should ask someone?

Who? They're all looking at me weird.

Well...you are talking to yourself...

So? Everyone talks to themselves!

Not in public...or out loud...

Ok, so it's unusual. So what?

So nothing. Shouldn't you be finding out what happened?

Ugh fine. Hold on, why do I have to do this?

Because there's only you here.

What are you talking about, you're here!

... Go find out what happened...

Wait...why can't I get up?

You're tied down remember.

What? When did this happen?

It's always been this way, as long as I can remember you.

Well, get me out then!

I can't.

Why not?!

Because there's only you here.

You keep saying that!

Because it's true.

Ok whatever. Why the hell am I tied down?!

You don't know?

This is ridiculous!

What is?

I'm tied down, people are looking at me weird, I'm apparently talking to myself!


I remember that wasn't always the case!

Well, you are checked in to an insane asylum...

That's neither here nor there!

... Go find out what happened...


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