Papers signed, executer paid
    Mother still can't understand
clean room booked for seven days
    stifled tears and shaking hands

Mechanism's warm embrace
    parasympathetic bliss
Whiteness builds inside this place
    electronics' ozone kiss

Awareness gone but dreams still blur
    random thoughts while scanner moves
Pictures and sounds of who you were
    burning nanometric grooves




Ears and mouth unsimulatable
    A billion channels pull and push
confusion here, though it's unstable
    feedback loops eventually touch

Thought moves and seconds change
    slowly in their stream
Impossible to even judge
    what time used to mean

Symbols form and interact
    at least that much is just the same
Now in silicon and math
    biochemistry put to shame




Sudden waking on a bare gurney
    A whole world programmed to be
no pain attendant to the journey
    polygons too small to see

Keywords spoken and doctor appears
    Both voices sounding somewhat wrong
"It all looks good and nominal, cheers!"
    spoken reply takes far too long

Menu of choices select how to feel
    settings extreme to benign
Postmodern ideal, perfectly real
    end your fear by choosing "Fine"

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