My head is bursting
My floor is littered with papers...

You know, standard computer related stuff like
How to do PCR and electrophoresis at home.
Friedrich Nietzche
The Bible
The Essential Rumi
Animal Psychology

I'm dying to tell someone what I'm up to
but I'm not allowed to

Frankly, I'm not quite clear on what
I'm up to.

Maybe I'm just insane.

I feel like Sarah O'Connor in the Terminator
series, except my mission is to
make sure that SkyNet goes online as soon as possible
before we tilt into
the one abyss of
runaway military technology
giant corporate machines crushing the human soul flat
or the other abyss of
authoritarian, medieval, luddite hysteria
where dreams for a better tomorrow succumb
to starvation or malaria in a flimsy grass hut

So, how do you prepare for a meta-something?
I'll give it a shot, though I'm certain to be mistaken.
For one thing, think rationally and clearly
let go of fear, but also let go of wishful thinking.
Look at what's really there.
Don't dig your roots in too deep.
Carry only what you really need, preferrably in your head.
Park your truckload of baggage, and don't even bother remembering where.
Just remember what it looks like;
that's all you'll need to locate as many copies of the
original truckload as you want.
Above all, for the first time in our evolution, imagination will become a
survival skill.
If you have it, cultivate it, cherish it, feel lucky.
If you don't, at least start admitting to yourself that
the ones who do just might be onto something.

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