A huge amount of science fiction assumes that aliens will be very similar to us. Sure, they may speak another language and look like giant bugs, but they are similar.

But why would they?

They could be the size of bacteria and live their entire species lifetime under our fingernails.
They could move through time as easily as we move through space, but they perhaps cannot move through space.
They could exist in only two dimensions.
They could consist mostly of gas or of liquid or even of energy.
They could be the size of galaxies. Perhaps the [galaxies are an intelligent life form, but they try to communicate with us as much as we try to communicate with the molecules in our cells.

We also assume this in our search for life on other worlds.
Venus can't have life because it is so hot. (Maybe Earth is too cold.
The Gas giants can't have life because they are gas. (Maybe they think life can't exist on Earth, as it is too solid)

The majority of alien life if it exists will probably be impossible to understand or even interact with. But if the universe harbors millions of species, we may eventually find a few that are similar to us.

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