I witnessed a nasty breakup recently.  By coincidence I got caught in the middle, being friends with both of them and partly responsible for introducing them to each other.  I cannot take sides since doing so will probably mean choosing one friendship over another.  The worst part of it, is that they both come to me for "advice" (?!?!?) when what they both want is someone to sympathize with and talk trash of the other person.

But you know what?  I refuse to get involved anymore.  It is YOUR problem.  Don't drag me into it.  I'm your friend and I love you both, and if YOUR relationship with each other is no more, don't make ours go the same way.  You are both adults and knew what you were getting into.  There are no more innocents and maybe never were.  Nowadays cigarettes come with a warning label, so those who smoke are pretty much well aware of the risk they are taking and acknowledge taking the responsibility for their own actions.

So how about this.  WARNING:  Entering a relationship of a romantic nature may cause diseases such as broken hearts, bitter resentment, compulsive eating/smoking/drinking, bursts of tears...

I don't mean to be coldhearted, but neither of you is a kid anymore.  Get over it.

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