identical to wal, your wahl is your inner-most state of health; a conscience within consciousness, the supreme essence of the good self.
First appearing in Frank Herbert's writings (see Dune), the idea of the wahl was promoted through his faithful followers.
Not to be mistaken with the id, ego, and/or superego, the wahl is the being without matter, the philotic connection to a parallel universe.

WAHL is a brand of haircare appliances. They make hairdryers, crimpers, straightening irons, and curlers.

As juliet notices very quickly, also the name of a very good brand of hair maintenance tools.

The Wahl Clipper Corporation became the world's leading manufacturer of electric hair clippers after Leo J. Wahl experimented with an electromagnetic motor in 1911. On October 14, 1919, Wahl applied for patents and Wahl Manufacturing Company was born. This was the first practical clipper with the drive motor in the hand, rather than driven through a flexible shaft from a remote motor. Thus, the era of do-it-yourself haircuts was born and a thousand children wailed at once.

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