Vindigo is fantastic software for any PalmOS device, and I highly recommend it. It does tend to take up a large amount of memory (970K right now on my Palm Vx, using all the data available for New York City), but the value is tremendous. Not only do you get stores, restaurants, clubs, and movies, but it can include the Zagat guide, giving you reviews of the restaurants. Movie listings can include synopses, stars, running time, and contact info the venues where playing.

For shopping, eating and clubs, Vindigo also allows you to sort and filter by type, distance, cost and rating. This means you could get just the Japanese restaurants within 1 mile of any location you choose! Likewise, you can find a listing of all the good locations to do some people watching.

Vindigo can also provide simple instructions for all of the different location data it offers to get you to your destination, and can also bring up a map with your starting location and the destination, including street names.

Another feature I appreciate is the ability to assemble a list of favorites for each subsection, allowing you to quickly access the locations you like or use frequently. Also, you can add locations into the listings and even submit reviews or comments on them, in addition to being able to take notes for yourself. All in all I find Vindigo highly useful and fun, and I think it's a must for anybody in

... and the list is growing ...

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