Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Exus
Model Number: n/a
Rarity: 9 Extremely Rare
Year of Release: 1987
Programmer: Uncredited

This game came packed with an accessory similar to the Nintendo Power Pad. The object of the game is to step on the same colors on the pad as the little monster on the screen does. (Basically just like Dance Dance Revolution, but without the nice graphics).

From the manual

REFLEX is the ultimate conditioner. Unless you are in tip physical shape, it is suggested that you spend the first month on a daily regime of JOGGER before working out with REFLEX.

Be sure, when working out, that the colors of the REFLEX pattern on the TV screen are as follows, clockwise from top left: BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, YELLOW with RED in the center.

Collectors Information

This game is valued at around $150 USD, and that is without the special jogging pad (price current as of September 2001). As always, games with boxes and manuals are worth more.

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