Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Sparrow
Model Number: GCG 1001T
Rarity: 10 Extremely Rare+
Year of Release: 1983
Programmer: Uncredited

Music Machine is a very rare Atari 2600 game made by Sparrow. It was only available in some Christian bookstores. It was supposed to be related to Sparrow's Music Maker line of Christian LP's. No one seems to have a box for this game. Some people claim it came shrink-wrapped with one of the Music Maker albums. But no one seems to have one that is still shrink wrapped. So the mystery continues.

This is a passable clone of Kaboom!. The graphics are a lot more colorful, and the guy at the top drops a wide variety of objects instead of just bombs. While you control a couple of kids carrying a big basket at the bottom of the screen. The only gameplay difference is that there are some items called "Pudgeons" that you are not supposed to catch.

No manual was really needed for this game, but it has one anyway. A 12 page colorful extravaganza explaining the meaning of such concepts as love, faith, joy, and peace. I would include a quote, but I really couldn't find anything in the manual exciting (or stupid), enough to reprint here.

Collectors Information

This game is valued at around $500 USD (price current as of September 2001). No box has ever been seen for this game.

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