A professional women's squash player, one of the top 20 in the world in 2001. Botwright gained her 15 minutes of fame when she asked to be allowed to play wearing a sports bra and a thong in the British Open, because she would feel more comfortable in that attire. Initially, the Women's International Squash Players' Association (WISPA) declined the request, stating that the situation would prove too distracting for referees to maintain objectivity. They left it unsaid, but clearly implied, that such manner of dress would also detract from the family-friendliness of the organization and its events. Botwright complied with the request.

Later, WISPA would go on to decide NOT to introduce a ban on thongs on court, stating that the current rules (which ask for decency in clothing conforming to the country in which the tournament is taking place) are sufficient and that it has faith in its players. The statement seemed flat, coming weeks after Botwright posed in her desired outfit for photographers prior to her match (she didn't wear the outfit and lost the match). Due to this stunt, "Vicky Botwright" became one of the 10 most searched terms on Google.

Botwright's year-end rankings:
1998 - #58
1999 - #32
2000 - #20
2001 - #18 (up to May)

It may be safely assumed that Botwright's popularity has gone up exponentially in 2001.

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