When Verizon was created, the new corporation grabbed the domain verizon.com as its corporate home site. They also snapped up possible anti-Verizon domains such as verizonsucks.com, verizon-sucks.com, verizon-blows.org, verizon-shits.net, verizon-stinks.com, and myriad more permutations of the above.

The hacker magazine 2600 felt that Verizon was domain squatting, which was supposedly an illegal practice. In order to convince Verizon that its strategy of buying every domain including negative use of the name "Verizon" was absurd, the magazine registered verizonreallysucks.com. It was immediately hit with legal threats by Verizon claiming the domain was protected by trademark law in the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.

2600 quickly ditched the domain, handing it to Communication Works of America. Just to pique Verizon's further ire, they registered verizonshouldspendmoretimefixingitsnetworkandlessmoneyonlawyers.com afterwards. Verizon did not take the bait on this one. Spokesman Larry Plumb said Verizon was "out to defend our brand against confusion and dilution, not squelch free speech."

The domain redirects to 2600.com, and it is sometimes used by school kids who want to read 2600 but are blocked by censoring software like Bess.

2600 magazine.

This node was previously titled "verizonshouldspendmoretimefixingitsnetworkandlessmoneyonlawyers.com", but that screwed up the softlinks. Sorry 'bout that, dannye.

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