Brainwave's node How to use Google to bypass server side filtering reminded me of one of the benefits of Google I enjoy, beyond the great search power. I also use the "cache" feature frequently.

When researching something that may return a lot of hits that I have not previously reviewed I will usually click on the "cache" instead of the current URL. Google highlights each search term in a different color in the "cache". This allows me to quickly page down the document, looking for clusters of colored highlights. This allows me to read only the relevant areas while I determine if the page contains what I am looking for.

Another benefit of the "cache" over the current URL link is the download speed. The "cache" is almost always faster. When I am scanning multiple documents this is a big advantage.

A tip: be sure if you are going to cite the URL as a source that you do click on the current URL and confirm it says what the cache says and that it is still a good link.

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