Ok, so lets go over this again. Google is a search engine, Oracle is a database. But:

1. Google tells you not only how to spell but exactly how bad a speller you are, it helps you research various topics, it translates, finds phone numbers, and even provides stock quotes. It also contains a cache of most of the web and the entirety of Usenet, so if it's out there, you can find it.

Because of the massive amount of web pages that it indexes, it has become rather common to consult Google for answers to any questions you may have. More often than not, your answer will be found in one of resulting pages.

Some quick examples:

Through the wealth of information on the web, Google is slowly becoming an Oracle. The font of knowledge.

2. By the same token, Oracle, the "unbreakable" database, is based on a massively expandable architecture, and is oftentimes limited only by the specifications of the operating system. Oracle 9i has a maximum database file size of 4 petabytes, so for all intents and purposes1 can hold a google of information.

Therefore, if we combine 1. and 2. with simple modus ponens2, we reach the conclusion that in order to make the names fit their products, Google and Oracle should do the old switcheroo.


1I was never any good at maths at school
2I was never any good at logic either.

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