Pontiac created the first Firebird in 1967. The '67 model gave the current muscle cars, the Camaro and Mustang, a run for their money. The Firebird was quick, nimble, and affordable.

The Firebird was based on the Camaro chassis. Released five months after the Camaro, it was an instant success.

  • 1967
    Initially, they came with 400cubic inch V8 borrowed from Pontiac's money maker, the GTO. It came with optional Ram Air, which included hotter cams, stronger valve springs, and utilized the hood scoops. Standard was a 3 speed stock standard transmission. It also sold with 4 speed manual, and 3 speed automatic, optionally. Axle ratios as high as 4.33:1 were available. This means for every 1 revolution of the engine, the wheels rotated 4.33 times... grunt. The selling price was around $200.

    The Firebird underwent minor changes through the next year. Mostly vanity...

    Caution: Excessive viewing of Pontiac Firebirds can bring about Firefever. Firefever creates a massive drain in net income and time. You have been warned...

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