University Student's Cooperative Association. A non-profit corporation run by college students. It is located in Berkeley and provides housing, and during the school year, food for about 1200 students at colleges around The Bay Area. See also

The USCA was founded in the 1930s as a response to the Great Depression. It visited by Eleanor Roosevelt when she was first lady to congratulate it on its achievements. It grew significantly in size in the 1960's, when Berkeley saw the greek system as outdated and the USCA bought up all the frat and sorority houses that flopped. Also in the 1960's, it received a grant from the government to build Rochdale Village, a cooperative apartment complex. The co-operatives that compose it are Kingman Hall, Cloyne Court, Kidd Hall, Stebbins Hall, Northside, Hoyt Hall, Euclid Hall, Casa Zimbabwe, Ridge House, Sherman Hall, Davis House, Andres Castro Arms, African American Theme House, Wolf House, Wild House, Lothlorien, Chateau, Rochdale Village and Fenwick Weavers' Village.

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