From, official website of Casa Zimbabwe an estate of the University Students Cooperative Association (USCA):

Last Updated: 2001 09/19 11:00pm

There is a nasty Windows virus going around called Nimda. If you have a Windows based computer then go visit the Virus Announcement page immedietely.

If you are living at Casa Zimbabwe, you will need to go register. Don't worry about the dialog boxes regarding the SSL certificate -- I'll try to figure out a better system for doing that later.

If you need help with the Ethernet connection in your room, contact Corey in room 12 or John in room 101.

Yeah yeah... OK, here's the deal

  1. MP3 Player (0921)
  2. Zope IntegrationMain Page (09/24)
  3. KISS (???)
  4. Other stuff (???)


  • Sarah's Suggestions for Recycling
  • Sarah's Guide to Recycling
  • Alameda Co. Recycling Guide (pdf)

John - Room 101

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