Back in '93 or so, there was a huge concert on the Mall in D.C. with this as its theme.

Josh McDowell, in his infinite wisdom, was MCing the thing, and Petra and Degarmo and Key were the headlining bands. Needless to say, D&K sucked.

Hurrying on...half the mall was covered with little promise plaques signed by these youngsters who were all so sure they could, and would wait.

I alone among my youth group did not sign. I've never had much use for promises, since I never know when I'm going to change my mind, especially about something like sex.

Still, it had that feel, it was everything that people on here condemn the movement for. Shovel a ton of young folks into a concert atmosphere, make them sign something surrounded by their peers, make them listen to safe rock music, condemn them in the middle of the concert for moshing, surfing, and other concert things that worldly people do...

It was appalling. Much as I had always known how spaced out the Christian leadership was (not to mention my peers), until that moment I had not realized how much of a sham so much of it really was.

Which was being naive. They were, after all, brimming over with good intentions.

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