This comes dangerously close to being a Pascal’s wager argument. In fact, lets just call a spade a spade.

Standard Rebuttal: their are allot of mutually incompatible belief systems out there, and you can only bet on one, or at most a narrow grouping.

Parableized Rebuttal: Pig A and Pig B are have dreams, in which a wolf comes and decimates the pig population. Pig A builds a strong, sturdy house of bricks, and invites in the other pigs. Pig B builds a simple house of sticks, picks up a AK-47, and invites in the other pigs. Pig C doesn’t believe in wolves, and thus builds a Margaritaville franchise with her limited resources, and invites the other pigs over for cheeseburgers in paradise.

Choosing the best option requires a bit of knowledge: is the wolf in fact coming, and if so, would one be better protected by bricks or firearms. Since neither of these bits of information is available, there isn’t much left to go on.

Personally, I’ll go to the burger bar, and keep an extra sammich on hand to distract the wolf.

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