"Every little girl wants to be a model...every little girl wants a crown."

--Trisha Uptown on appearing in her first pictorial and winning Miss Petite All Natural World.

"Trisha Uptown" is the stage name of a popular adult model and occasional porn actress who has graced the pages of numerous porn sites and men's magazines.

In most of her work, Trisha looks nothing like the stereotypical porn queen. Most porn stars are implausibly voluptuous women with gasbag breasts, pancake makeup, teased hair, and slack-faced stares; Trisha is petite and (for a porn star) small-breasted, with soft, straight, shoulder-length blonde hair and the faintest touch of makeup at most. You'll usually see her with a relaxed, cheerful, even goofy smile; in her sexier pictures, she gazes at you with an inquisitive look, a gentle pout, or a faint simper. The average starlet doesn't even seem human, but Trisha looks like someone you've known: a girl in college who was easygoing, fun-loving, laid-back, almost one of the guys, but who would suddenly turn sexy, even a little dirty, when you least expected it. She's here in Trisha's pictorials, naked and raunchy, for your eyes to see.

It's beautiful when it works, but in some of her pictorials, tattoos and piercings mar the effect. She briefly had piercings in her tongue and clitoral hood, but has thankfully gotten rid of them; she still has a rose tattoo on her left breast and another tattoo (which I can't identify) on the inside of her right ankle. Better magazines and websites airbrush them out, but most don't want to waste the money.

Trisha's career began somewhere around 1998 or 1999, just as the teen porn movement was sweeping the adult industry, producing an explosion of magazines that eschewed the tired old porn queens in favor of younger, fresher, more natural women. Given her body type, she joined the business at the perfect moment. (Actually, she may have started a bit early--the first time she tried to enter the business, the photographer told her he couldn't use her!) She dropped out of high school at the age of 18, and immediately took a job as an exotic dancer; soon after that, her modeling career started with appearances in ALS Scan and Barely Legal. She received tons of fan mail, and her career took off, with pictorials in Tight, Eighteen, a cover of Babyface, and appearances in more mainstream magazines like Hustler.

Trisha's popularity allowed her to avoid the degrading and depressing career path that most aspiring starlets have to follow. For most female porn stars, hardcore guy-girl scenes are a necessary evil, at best endurable and at worst humiliating, no doubt because of the inevitable finishing act. In the porn industry, especially in the days of ample free Internet porn, it's literally fuck or walk, because softcore doesn't sell and there are always plenty of women who are willing to do whatever it takes to get a little extra cash. Trisha, though, managed to rise to the top without giving in; with one exception, she has never done guy-girl pictorials--not even softcore. (Even in that one exception, a hardcore pictorial, the climax occurred between her legs and not on her face. As it stands, she hates the pictures, regrets doing them, and is trying to buy back the rights to them so she can sue whoever posts them. It's probably a futile effort, but she feels strongly about it, and it's worth a shot). Now, she's by no means averse to hardcore in general: she'll spread herself wide, do BDSM, fist to the wrist, insert almost anything into her nether regions, and pee on command; she'll even do hardcore lesbian shots, slipping her tongue deep into another woman's folds. But if it involves a penis, she won't do it. Period.

In 2002, Trisha started to change her look, discarding the youthful look for a standard-issue porn queen getup with heavy makeup, perfectly bronzed skin, teased hair, and the usual lobotomized expression. I don't think it's her best look, and I'm not sure it'll be a success for her; she doesn't really have the curves to pull it off properly (conceivably, she could solve that problem, but I hope she won't). I suppose it's understandable, though; she's not going to look 18 forever, but she'll still need to earn money somehow--and this is the business she knows.

Basic stats:

  • Measurements: 32B (natural)-25-34
  • Height: 5'1" (155 cm)
  • Weight: 95-105 lbs (43-47 kg).
  • Birthdate: 8/7/79
  • Birthplace: Kentucky.

Appearances (a partial list):


  • Playtime Promotions Video: Trisha (#645)
  • Private Performance Video: Big Fucking Dildo!, Vol. 1
  • Ed Powers: Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes
  • The Score Group: Trisha

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