Professional wrestling valet, manager and diva.

Patricia Stratigias was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on December 18th 1975.

Born and raised in a close Canadian family, Trish was always a good student in school and was always interested in her sports. Her focus as a teenager was not hanging out at the mall like many of her peers. She kept herself busy with hockey and soccer, but her ambition was to become a doctor. Her career in fitness began a few short years later when, while studying biology and in preparation for medical school, her life took a change in direction after her university went on strike. She found a job as a gymnasium receptionist.

It was here that she came across a picture of Marla Duncan, a very popular fitness model and decided that she would strive to obtain the same physique. Trish then promtly began training on her own and later, with Scott Able, who helped her to continue further.

Trish's journey into the world of fitness modelling began when she met Robert Kennedy of MuscleMag International. She carried out a test photo shoot, followed by strict training/diet and within six months had her first location shoot with MuscleMag.

Trish appeared in MuscleMag several times, and has also appeared in Strong and Shapely. She also became involved in the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) as a member of the Natural Team Canada.

On November 25, 1999, Stratus signed a multi year contract with the World Wrestling Federation. The company sent her to train with Ron Hutchison in Toronto. Trish made her WWF debut on the March 19th 2000 taped edition of WWF Sunday Night Heat. She quickly turned her attention to Test. The next night on Raw Stratus formed the tag team T&A (Test and Albert).

Buh Buh Ray Dudley made many male WWF fans jealous on the April 17th episode of Raw when he kissed her, and for the next month Buh Buh Ray appeared besotted, not so much with Trish but by the juxtaposition of Trish and a table. Trish took a huge powerbomb bump through a table as part of the angle.

In June, Stratus took Val Venis under her wing, enlarging her stable of wrestlers. However, she was also to enter the squared circle herself, as she made her in-ring debut at the June 20th WWF Smackdown taping in Memphis, TN. She teamed with T&A to defeat Lita and the Hardy Boyz.

Trish's feud with Lita enraptured fans for most of the summer of 2000, as she pushed Lita off a ten-foot ladder on the July 17th episode of Raw and whipped Lita with a leather strap the next Thursday on Smackdown. The feud culminated in a bra and panties strap match which saw both competitors give the WWF fans an eyeful :)

Friction between Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon rose on the July 27th episode of Smackdown when Stephanie walked in on Helmsley as he helped Stratus with a 'wrestling hold'. Tension between the two women would rise until, in December, Stratus hinted that 'the women about Stephanie's age' that was in Vince McMahon's life was her. Stratus allied with Kurt Angle as he feuded with Stephanie's husband at Royal Rumble 2001.

On the March 8th edition of Smackdown, the mystery woman was revealed as Vince kissed Stratus in front of Linda McMahon. However, after weeks of humiliation by Mr. McMahon (including Vince having her strip to just her panties in the middle of the ring on Raw) Stratus turned face by slapping the WWF chairman at Wrestlemania XVII.

After a short stint with Steve Blackman and the Big Show, Trish teamed up with former enemy Lita to defeat WCW divas Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler in a bra & panties match. She also started a romance with Jeff Hardy.

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