Professional wrestling match with very particular rules.

Texas Death Match. Japanese Death Match. No-Rope, Electrified Barbed Wire, Thumbtack, Razor Wire Board, Nailed Baseball Bat, Broken Glass Net, Exploding Ring, Loser Fights Crocodile Match. Say what you like about all of these, but none of them can match the brutality of the Bra and Panties Match.

Ingredients: Two (or four, if the match is to be tag team) divas, preferably either lithe and nubile (Stacy Kiebler), hardbodied and dirty (Trish Stratus), or buxom and utterly, utterly perfect in every way (Stephanie McMahon). Dress them in the winning combination of thong panties and push-up bra, covered only by some flimsy Lycra tops and Daisy Duke shorts, or tight pants. Insert into ring and watch the crowd go bonkers.

The technical excellence demonstrated in Bra and Panties matches is simply unsurpassed. Aside from traditional wrestling moves such as the Spear and the Slap to the Face, we also see rarer holds applied, such as the Hair Mare, the Bra Strap Twang or the 'I'll try not to make it look like i'm helping you to take my pants off' Leg Lock.

The match is over when one side are stripped entirely to their tiny, lacy undergarments, at which point the cameras will get in a couple of frames worth of crotch/cleavage shots before coldheartedly cutting to a picture of a fat Stone Cold Steve Austin fan in the crowd, or, even worse, Michael Cole.

The more traditional variation to the Bra and Panties Match is the Evening Gown Match, although this has become tainted by the horrific sight of Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe doing battle in dresses at SummerSlam 2000.

If there is ever a Bra and Panties match involving Stephanie McMahon taking on Sarah Michelle Gellar, somebody pinch me. Especially if it's billed as a 'Nudity Match'.

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