A gate along Water Lane in London. Originally called Water Gate from its picturesque position on the Thames riverside, it gained its name from the numerous enemies of the Crown who passed through it on the way to the Tower of London. Legend says that a young Elizabeth I, imprisoned there by Mary Tudor, refused to pass through on the grounds that she was not a traitor until rain changed her mind. When Elizabeth visited the Tower as Queen she would pass through Traitor's Gate, and is said to have stated that "What was good enough for Elizabeth the Princess is good enough for Elizabeth the Queen."

Traitor's Gate is also a mystery novel set in Victorian England written by Anne Perry and published in 1995. It is apparently one of a series of books by the author revolving around the two main characters, Charlotte and Thomas Pitt.

Traitor's Gate is also an adventure game released in 2000 by Dreamcatcher Interactive and released by Daydream Software. Set in modern England, the protagonist must break into the Tower of London in order to replace the Crown Jewels with fakes that will lead the CIA to a corrupt director planning on stealing the Jewels.

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