Tod Frye was a video game programmer in the classic Atari 2600 days. He produced games under the Atari and Sears labels. Below is a list of games credited to this programmer, (unfortunately, half of his games were never released). (Please /msg with any additions).

Save Mary
Shooting Arcade
Swordquest: Fireworld
Tod Frye complained that he was only given 2k of game ROM space in which to program Atari 2600 Pac-Man. Atari wanted to cut costs as much as possible, and using a 2k game ROM instead of 4k would save them more money at the time. Atari wouldn't budge on the issue, and Tod had to do the best he could. Atari released the very poor result, complete with flickering game characters, poor animations, and poor maze design. Considering that they should have known the game would and did sell millions of copies, it should have been a no brainer for Atari to allow him to use the extra game code. 2600 Ms. Pac-Man is an example of what the game could have been with the appropriate resources ..

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