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Odd Todd is the star of a series of flash cartoons presented at www.oddtodd.com. Todd is an unemployed victim of the Bush, Jr. recession. Todd's cartoons illustrate his daily life, including drinking coffee, staring at the wall, having Pringles and fudge stripes cookies for breakfast, watching Spongebob Squarepants ("Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?") and having no money.

Todd has delusions of starting his own business or starting a scam to get some money, but has something of a motivation problem. When in the mood for some comfort food, Todd makes "Cap'n Todd's cheezy tuna surprise." You take some macaroni & cheese, a can of tuna, and some peas. You mix it up. It's good.

Besides his cartoons, Todd maintains an online journal, or blog. He also keeps a list of daily facts he learns from the TV, in which he hints at a crush on Kelly Ripa, and various factoids from Animal Planet (which he watches all day when he loses the remote).

Odd Todd has been unemployed so long that his state unemployment benefits have run out, so his only financial transactions are balance transfers, moving his debt from credit card to credit card.

Todd's chronicles of the unemployed life are very real, and his sense of humor is a unique combination of the real, the surreal, and lowbrow visual and aural (especially his narration voice and animal planet impressions). That so many of his viewers can relate to his experience has made his site quite popular, and I've heard rumors that the New York state unemployment office had opened an investigational case related to unreported "wages" from his paypal tip jar.

Todd's site is a great sign of the times, and highly recommended for anyone who's ever been unemployed and could use a laugh.

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