2 packets two minute noodles
2 lettuce leaves
1 egg
1 large rubber band


Put two minute noodles in saucepan of boiling water. Put lettuce leaves so that they are covering ears and secure in position with rubber bands.

In a squeaky voice, start ending your sentences with prepositions or verbs e.g. "Hmm.. Delicious this meal shall be"

Continue Yoda impersonation for about a minute. Throw in noodle stock that came with the noodles. Break egg into pot and stir so yolk is broken.

Tear off pieces of lettuce from both sides of head and throw in pot. Continue until there is no more lettuce. If you accidentally tear off an ear and throw that into the pot, discard noodles (and ear) and begin recipe again.

Stir for twenty seconds.

Remove rubber band from head and serve noodles with soup. Rinse pot immediately to aid (or as an alternative to) washing up.

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