A novel by Jack Finney set in modern New York in which the main character joins a secret government project to transport people back in time by placing them in the mindset of the time they're attempting to travel to and then placing them in a place that hasn't changed since that time.
In the case of New York City, they choose the antique building called "the Dakota" which is on 5th avenue up across form Central Park. Through this method, the main character is transported back to 1882 in which he then gets involved in the plot, which is excellent as well.
I highly recommend this book, both as an interesting science fiction and mystery book but also as a fascinating look at New York history.

Ummm, a poem That I wrote,

Time and Again
        (for Camila Hayes)

White witch hazel hair.
Which hazel? hazel where?
spinning in dance threads of experience
        in the darkness;

An extinct bird rose as the featherd serpent,
        in the imagination

Licked it's tounge between the horns of a thousand dead gods,
        created in the instant to preform some simple task of fabrication
        and then fade away, replaced by the next times demands on our senses
        for the moment in between leaving, space, stillness.

In the desert the silence is total lack of familiarity with the sounds,
        Shaping by themselves a new reality
        still chosen by a persons imagination.

In ninteen years has grown this flower
        five foot four and a half inces
        these are just measures
hold just a small tendril to the reality of the thing

Beauty, youth and time. A year, a year more
and another as the body oldly goes
a year, a heartbeat rememberance filled and slow

And in the desert time stood still for a little while,
those flecks of sand have moved
for millenia, haven't moved at all

And someplace, I seem to remember,
all red underfoot near the valley of the dead
just clay and offerings for three thousand years
now sand in silence rememberances forgotten

And have you heard, sometimes light takes 
ten thousand years to escape the place of it's birth
and in all this time how much has changed?

Little flower that is blooming now
your roots in sand, petals thrust into the sky
drinking in the sun and the earth
born into this ancient world

Recreate all by your seeing
mirror in your mind and make
fresh again

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