( the path to freedom )

I don't think any of us would say that we are completely free. The rules and restrictions placed on us by society are obvious from the first time a kid has his hand slapped. And after that, there just further enforced every time we're told to not talk in the library, not to run around without shoes on, or not to put our elbows on the table.

The fundamental purpose of society is to provide such structure, and when living in a society we accept those rules.

That's fine. But, that doesn't limit my attempts to maintain as much freedom as possible, or my rights to live my life to the fullest extent that doesn't injure others, or my simply my goals of happines.

We tend to forget these goals sometimes. And a large part of that forgetfullness, I would say, is the focus on profit.

This goal that has been set before us by the capitalist/consumerist majority is not really our goal. It's not what people want as far as I know. They don't really want more money, they want security, health, and happiness. At present, these goals are reached by the goal profit and we've been taught that no other way exists.

I disagree.

When we decide to make ourselves as free as possible, to free ourselves from the propaganda of profit, to become as self-standing as we can, to do for ourselves, then we regain a certain amount of security, we can work towards our own health, and the entire process increaes happiness.

The most practical tips I can give you to go about doing this are:

make your own clothing
make your own food
get a bike
speak your mind

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