A cheap ride on the path to freedom.

There's nothing more essential to freedom than mobility. As soon as you can no longer move where you want and when you want, you lose it. Period.

And, speaking for industrialized countries, most people count on their own cars or on mass transportation to get them where they need to go.

Where's the problem?

Well, one, there are people who can afford neither, or just don't have access to cars, gas, or mass transit. They naturally want freedom just like the more affluent members of society. Two, it could all come to an end. Just as with food production, our transportation systems are built on huge infrastructures.

This means different things: that the system can collapse and that it uses the population. Think of any system with a high complexity, meaning many large levels, and the individuals who are involved with it will be able to have a relatively small impact. Consider it as inertia. The system does what it wants despite the protest of the people.

What does this give us?

SUVs, high gas prices, stress...

What's the solution?

Get a bike. A bike is one of the best ways to be protect your own mobility. Now, I admit that it relies on a pretty large infrastructure itself, but I can't very well suggest that you make your own. Ok, I could but I won't.

I know of the 4 cities I've spent the majority of my life in, a bike would be more than enough for getting around. Moving, or long-distances, or being handicapped are naturally all exceptions, but for the general population, a bike is wonderful and often faster than other forms of transportation.

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