Peers seem shocked as I tell them I would not trade my marijuana smoking experiences to be cleansed of the sin of doing drugs as a youth. I simply say to these naive people, like most of my "pot head" friends, "Who the hell are you to judge?"
Perhaps this needs more of an explanation.

There are three major genres of experiences in life. The good, the bad, and what I like to call, "the Chronic."

The Good: This is the type of experience where you are surrounded by people who are trying to help you. Most religions center around this type of experience. You know that nobody is out to fuck you because there are rules and morals in play. Let's say you meet a gorgeous girl. This type of experience involves her not playing games with your emotions. I know, it's a hypothetical scenario.

The Bad: This is the type of experience where you get taken advantage of by someone who doesn't care about anyone but themselves. Their motives are clear and their actions as predictable as the sun's path through the sky. You either know ahead of time that you are going to get screwed in these situations, or learn quickly afterward that there was no hope for a positive experience.

The Chronic: This is the one experience that only those who have been inebriated in some manner can understand. There are really no clear motives in this state. Now chronic usually refers to something good, but in this case it refers to waking up the next day without being able to explain your actions, good or bad. The Chronic experience will not usually be bliss, as you can't really get a whole lot of satisfaction, but usually is looked back upon fondly as you remember doing something that you never would have done in a million years sober. Maybe this experience is not as sophisticated as the others, but that's the whole point. Some of us like to escape sophistication. Why is this so hard to understand for some people?

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