Thought I should just write a word about his theme tune, I don't know all the verses but I'll write enough to give you the gist.

"This is the Tom Green show"
"It's not the Green Tom show"
"This is my favourite show"
"Because it is my show."

My little brother loves this show. I think it's harmless enough, though I sorta feel sorry for the guy at times.

The Tom Green Show first aired on MTV in January of 1999. The show featured Tom Green going around and doing really zany stunts to embarass the commom man. You can see everything from Tom calling out numbers at a bingo hall to him sucking on a cow nipple.

The show is co-hosted by Glenn Humplik who is often the butt of several of Tom's stunts. There is also Phil Giroux who just stays in the background who just laughs at everything.

The show hasn't been on the air in quite some time due to Tom filming the movie, Freddie Got Fingered.

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